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Always feeling tired in the morning? Just started learning a new language and gave it up already? Dreaming of the perfect body but can’t get yourself to the gym? Well, sounds like you’re a human being…

But what if you had your own smart friend, dedicated to helping you gain life satisfaction? A friend who knows how to inspire, motivate and support you in almost every aspect of your life? Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? And the best thing is, that friend is already within your hands’ reach…

Meet your new smart friend!

LifeUpp is a pioneer fully personalised mobile app that’s neither a secretary, nor a robot - it's your smart friend who cares about your goals to live a better life. With LifeUpp you can get inspired, stay motivated and feel supported whatever you do.

How is that possible?



The first step for LifeUpp is to collect information about you, your activities and day-to-day routine to better understand your individual needs and habits. For example, it tracks your work and sleep time to measure how they affect your health, mood and general wellbeing. Once it understands your struggles, it finds the best solution, tailored to you.

Sport and health

Having such a smart and intuitive companion can support any activities you undertake, such as sport or fitness. Just think, how many times have you forgotten to turn on your sports app to measure your progress or calories burnt?

Don’t need to worry about that any more: LifeUpp continually monitors your physical activity and automatically recognises its type, whether you walk, run or cycle. It can also be connected to your smart activity tracker! And you don’t have to remember to open it on your smartphone - it works seamlessly in the background leaving you with a peace of mind that no step goes uncounted. All you have to do is get active – LifeUpp will take care of the rest

Emotions and needs

To get to know you even better, LifeUpp asks about your emotions and needs – you can speak to the app by choosing the most suitable response from a list on the screen. This is to motivate you at the right time with the right content (text, pictures or video), to boost your morale or to help you achieve goals without boxing you in. And since every success should be celebrated, LifeUpp recognises your efforts and milestones with congratulatory messages.


Thanks to LifeUpp you can get more control of your life and its quality daily routine. How many times have you had to go back to the grocery shop for milk or butter? LifeUpp can remotely check what’s missing in your fridge or start the washing machine 2 hours before you’re back home to save your time. LifeUpp connects with your smart home appliances, such as fridge, washing machine or central heating to let you control or check them remotely*.

*Note: LifeUpp connects with home devices equipped with smart technology.

Everyday helper

Thanks to the smart calendar, you’ll never forget about someone’s birthday, friends’ get-together or a key meeting at work – LifeUpp will remind you of every important event. The app also warns you against an impending break in the weather and provides accurate forecasts. It monitors pressure drop, bio-meteorological conditions etc., which can affect your mood or heath. It even has a function of period tracking to make sure you are always prepared. All of this helps you easily notice any anomaly that may indicate health issues. Knowing how dehydration can decrease your efficiency and comfort, LifeUpp will even remind you about drinking the right amount of water every day.

Yes, your smart friend knows you like no one else. But it will never be jealous of your real friends! The function of easy sharing enables you and your buddies to create groups, share data and compare results. LifeUpp can also compare your sport achievements to with the results of other users.

And the icing on the cake is low power consumption - LifeUpp uses up to half the battery power compared to similar apps!

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With LifeUpp you can get inspired, stay motivated and feel supported whatever you do. So, lift your motivation and life enthusiasm to the next level. All for free!

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